To Do Tuesday: September 4, 2018

I was not quite as successful at working through my list this week as I had been previously — I finally committed to organizing my desk/craft table/general external landing spot for my brain this weekend and that took up quite a lot of my time. It’s not entirely finished but the space looks a LOT better. I also underestimated how much time it would take to finish the Elephant project, so between the two, not much else really got done.

curved Star seeings Stars sal

  • Make the curved stars blocks for the Seeing Stars QAL. Not entirely done — I have two completed and want to get the third done so that I am only a week behind! These are my first curved blocks ever and honestly they turned out better than I expected, with minimal swearing. ;)
  • Make the next set of star blocks for the Seeing Stars QAL. Not done — pinwheel blocks shouldn’t take too long, but my other projects took precedent this week.
  • Keep up with the City Sampler SAL. Not entirely done — this ended up being a casualty of the desk clean up, although I think I did need a break from these blocks after completing the triangle section. I’m ready to go on these now, though!
  • Make the first week of blocks from the City Sampler to start catching up. Not done. I have the blocks cut, but not pieced.

elephant quilt done

  • Finish the elephant pillow. Yes! Done. Well, mostly — I’m checking in with my friend today and will see if she prefers a pillow or a wall hanging. But the quilting is done and the finishing that is required is minimal now, whatever direction the project takes.
  • Make a few more zipper pouches. Nope. Not done. Mostly because I have to get (from my stash) different fabric and I hated to get out new fabric while I was trying to clean up the whole space.
  • Sandwich Bri’s quilt. Yes! Done. I even started quilting before acknowledging that I was avoiding the clean-up project.

rosy four patch baby quilt

  • Bonus project not on the list: While I was cleaning I came across a bagged UFO of floral squares I had cut up a while ago to make into a small baby quilt. I allowed myself the distraction and went ahead and sewed it up! I even cut a backing and batting and have it sandwiched. After the curved stars and the tiny pieces of the City Sampler blocks, I have to say that these straight seams were a real breeze to piece and a simple pleasure as well.

On my list for this week:

  • Finish the Elephant project as my friend desires and give it to her.
  • Keep up with the City Sampler SAL.
  • Make last week’s pinwheel star blocks for the Seeing Stars SAL.
  • Make this week’s star blocks for the Seeing Stars SAL.
  • Finish the zipper pouches.
  • Make time to play.

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September OMG: City Sampler

block collage

So, I’ve been thinking for the last few days what I would select as my OMG for September. God knows I have enough projects in progress to choose from! I decided that I would really like to have the first 35 blocks of the City Sampler quilt finished by the time the #100days100blocks2018 SAL finishes in October. I have been doing a reasonably good job of keeping up with the blocks since I started (with block 36), but have a feeling that without a plan, those first 35 will become the millstone weighing this project down.

Initially I thought that a reasonable goal for the month would be getting all the pieces cut for the blocks as well as stitching them all up. But I took the fabric to a sit and sew this afternoon and…it took me a couple of hours to get the pieces cut for just six blocks. Now, granted, there was a lot of chatting and I spent more time thinking about color placement than I usually do (it’s been a lot of sewing by the seat of my pants)…but still. The blocks themselves take a while to stitch up because there are quite a few tiny pieces in each block. So I think I want to get all the pieces cut (for the first 35 blocks) and at least 15 of the blocks sewn together this month.

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I am posting this just under the wire but really wanted to meet this goal as I have been trying really hard recently to finish what I start. So here is the elephant pillow top, finished. It is not yet a full pillow, though, because the person I am giving this to is deciding whether she wants a pillow or a wall hanging. I have decided that’s not on me, though! At least as far as timeline is concerned — now it’s in her hands. :)

In addition to the very wonky hand quilting, I also quilted large spirals in the navy background, plus around each applique using navy thread. It’s hard to tell but there is also some hand stitching embellishment on the elephant as well. I wish it stood out more, but live and learn I guess! You can see it a bit better in real life.

Phew! I am posting this at Elm Street Quilts, but mostly I am so happy to have completed at least one of my darn monthly goals!

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To Do Tuesday: August 28, 2018

Well, looking back I did get stuff done this past week, but it’s all kind of a blur! And I didn’t finish as much as I would have liked, but I just need to keep on keeping on, I guess. Last week I planned to:

  • Make the tiny scrap block for the charity quilt. Partially done — these take a really long time. Good news is that I don’t have to have it completed until the end of September.

tiny pieces progress

  • Bind the cheater cloth baby quilt. DONE! Much better (but not perfect by any means) binding than the nautical quilt!

cheater quilt finished

  • Help my friend finish her quilt. DONE! And she is super proud of it, as she should be!

km quilt front and back

  • Keep up with the City Sampler SAL. DONE! I like seeing them all together, too often my focus is on the current block only.

city sampler 45_52


  • Make this week’s star blocks for the Seeing Stars QAL. Not done. :( I realize that I have been putting it off because the curves intimidate me. But no way to get better than by doing, so that’s on my agenda for today.
  • Get Bri’s quilt sandwiched. Not done. :( I just ran out of time to get to everything.
  • Give myself time to play. DONE! Part of my playing was just messing about with fabric and pattern combinations, but I also got all the stitching done around the fusible applique for the elephant pillow.




paisley splash
This is an old picture — all the pieces have now been stitched down.

For this upcoming week I plan to:

  • Make the curved stars blocks for the Seeing Stars QAL.
  • Make the next set of star blocks for the Seeing Stars QAL.
  • Keep up with the City Sampler SAL.
  • Make the first week of blocks from the City Sampler to start catching up.
  • Finish the elephant pillow.
  • Make a few more zipper pouches.
  • Sandwich Bri’s quilt.

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Hanging Towels, DONE!

hanging towelsFALQ3
There are actually two of these, but my mom only sent a photo of the one…

After way too long, I finally managed to sew the buttons on these hanging towels and give them to my mom. She likes them. As I noted before — the weird coloration of the towel part is due to me deciding to tea-dye the fabric of just the towel after sewing the hanging topper on. Predictably this didn’t turn out all that great, although it’s honestly less noticeable in the photos than it is in real life.

The picture doesn’t show this, but there are two towels. I didn’t remember to take a picture of the finished towels before giving them to my mom and this is the picture she sent me. Originally one of the towels had already had a button on it but it wasn’t sewn on so well plus I couldn’t find a reasonable match in my stash, so I cut it off and replaced it with one that had a partner. All in all it was a pretty easy finish and kind of annoying, once I sat down and did it, to realize how long I’d been putting off something so simple!

This is project 13 on my Q3 FAL list. I am SO GLAD it’s done!

Stash Report: August 26, 2018


I feel like I did a lot this week, but don’t have much to show for it. Mainly I’m working on some longer-term projects that I won’t count yardage from until they are actually pulled together into a top. Or working on projects that aren’t mine! Anyway, I did finish up four zipper pouches. And I spent some time figuring out how to FMQ on my machine. I have NEVER freemotion quilted before so my samples are predictably terrible, but I really enjoyed the process and want to spend more time on this so that I get better. Altogether I used less than a yard of fabric this week in completed projects. But the good news is that I didn’t buy any fabric. Or, well, I did, but not for me; I bought a couple of fat quarters and a charm pack to contribute to the gift basket our guilt will include in a raffle during the upcoming local quilt show. Honestly I would have liked to keep the fabric, but that’s how you know you chose well, right? ;)

Stash Report:

  • Used this week: .79 yards
  • Used YTD: 57.33 yards
  • Added this week: 0 yards
  • Added YTD: 68.25 yards
  • Net Used Yards (Used YTD – Added YTD): 10.92 yards

Cheater Quilt is DONE!

sewing August 23 2018

I’m pleased to report that another one of my Q3 Finish-A-Long projects is complete — I finally got the cheater quilt (made of a cheater patchwork panel) bound and ready to send to my niece. I’ll send it to her with Bri’s quilt (they’re sisters), which I hope to finish this weekend.

cheater quilt back and binding

I used this method of binding the quilt and it turned out SO MUCH better than the binding on the nautical quilt, although I have a lot of space yet to improve. In some places the stitching on the back binding is farther from the edge than I would prefer, which means I need to be more consistent on the front. I also need to figure out the right seam allowance for the front, too, as that definitely contributes to the issue. Regardless, I’m pleased with it overall.

cheater quilt finished

It looks great from the front, though. The binding is a dusty red solid that I’ve had in my stash for a long time and it perfectly complements the colors of the MoMo print, which has creamy undertones. It’s cute and small and great for a baby. I’m so happy to have this done!

zip pouches 2

I’ve also finished som zip pouches and have reached the point where I feel confident enough making them that I don’t have to refer to a tutorial or video. These two are just a couple of my overall total finished — I’ll have a later post about them, too, because they are another FAL goal for this quarter. But I liked this photo with the quilt and I did finish them this week, so wanted to include them!

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