Weekend Freezer Cooking

I put in a semi-marathon session of cooking and prep for the month ahead this past weekend. Mostly on Saturday, but some on Sunday as well. Publix had chicken breasts buy-one-get-one this week, bringing them down to a really good price. So I bought quite a few packages and then, with uncharacteristic promptness, turned most of that chicken into meals for the future. We did have Greek chicken calzones Sunday evening with some of that purchase. This is what I managed to complete over the weekend:

  1. Two packs of Black Bean/Corn/Salsa Chicken (crock-pot to freezer meal).
  2. Two (three serving) trays of Maple Dijon Chicken (Recipe is about halfway down the page on that link. I divide the recipe into two portions as there is plenty of sauce for more chicken than they suggest–each tray has three breast halves. I also prefer to bake this rather than cook in my Crock-Pot, so these are packaged in large rectangular Pyrex containers.)
  3. One freezer bag of Balsamic Dijon marinated chicken breasts.
  4. Three quart bags of cooked, shredded chicken.
  5. Two quart bags of chicken breast slices.
  6. Two Greek chicken calzones (individual serving size).
  7. Two balls of pizza dough.
  8. 12 blondies (one batch, with some held out for us to eat over the weekend).
  9. Brown Rice patties (not planning to make these, but my rice cooker and I have different ideas about what is an acceptable texture for brown rice).

Not for the freezer

  1. Triple recipe of granola (breakfast and snacks).
  2. Baked oatmeal (for week’s breakfasts).
  3. Black beans (for soup later in the week).