Cooking Bucket List

I’m following Cookbook’s lead and making up my own bucket list for things I’d like to make, or perfect–culinarily speaking. There is a large meats category on my list, so you know this is kind of a long haul list, not one I’m expecting to knock out altogether in 2010. Because there is just no way I could cook & consume all that meat in one year. This is a pretty healthy toss up of fancier dishes or techniques combined with simple “standards” that I’d just like to perfect for myself.

Large Meats/Meat Dishes

  1. Baked ham
  2. Pot roast
  3. Roast beef
  4. Lamb chops
  5. Beef Bourguignon
  6. Beef Brisket
  7. Flank Steak
  8. Pork Tenderloin
  9. Pork & Sauerkraut w/dumplings
  10. Ham Pot Pie (the kind with noodles, not baked in a crust)
  11. Cornish Pasty
  12. Chicken & Dumplings
  13. Fried Chicken
  14. Meatloaf
  15. Meatballs


  1. Paella
  2. Salt & Pepper Shrimp
  3. Bouillabaisse
  4. Stuffed whole fish
  5. Crab cakes
  6. Mussels (many ways, I love them but have never made them at home)
  7. Clam chowder
  8. Oyster Stew
  9. Fish Tacos
  10. Salmon w/chick peas, tomatoes & onions (I babysat for a woman who made this all the time and it was fantastic. Nothing special, but I’ve never taken the time to figure it out for myself. She didn’t use a recipe, of course.)
  11. Gumbo
  12. **Not a recipe or dish, exactly, but still on my list–find another fish fillet (other than salmon or tilapia) that I like to eat on a semi-regular basis.**


  1. Pizza crust
  2. Good, everyday, semi-healthy bread (ie–I want it to have more than just white flour.)
  3. Rugelach
  4. Biscotti
  5. Kolache
  6. Iced sugar cookies (this is more about the icing than the cookie–I would like to ice things so that they look cute and edible, not pitiful or scary)
  7. Baklava (there is a recipe in the January Bon Appetit that looks doable)
  8. Croissants
  9. Blondies
  10. Several varieties of not-so-everyday bread (I’m tempted to bake my way through one of the big bread tomes, but that is probably unrealistic for right now)
  11. Nutmeg logs
  12. Tea cakes
  13. Naan
  14. Pita bread
  15. Cheese straws
  16. Sticky buns
  17. Chocolate  Zucchini Cake
  18. Poached pears
  19. Butterscotch pudding
  20. Flourless chocolate cake
  21. Yellow cake that can become my basic birthday standard
  22. Fudgy icing
  23. Simple buttercream
  24. Tiramisu
  25. Lemon tart
  26. Marzipan (it intrigues me)
  27. Almond mele (mele means apple, but it is also what these little fruit or almond paste turnovers are called at one of my favorite bakeries/coffeeshops in The Strip–I’m thinking I’ll be cobbling together something rather than finding an actual recipe)
  28. Marshmallows
  29. Ice box cake
  30. Tomato & Cheese Tart
  31. Graham crackers
  32. Bagels
  33. Macarons
  34. Crackers

Techniques or Basic Recipes

  1. Vegetable stock–really good recipe
  2. Pressure canning
  3. Sweet pickles
  4. Pickled peppers
  5. Sauerkraut
  6. Canned beans (pressuring canning dried beans to make my own “quick” version of store canned beans)
  7. Pasta
  8. Mayonaise
  9. Mustard
  10. Ketchup
  11. Really good homemade ranch or creamy buttermilk dressing
  12. Onion chutney
  13. Thick yogurt (I can make thin yogurt–I want to make thick yogurt. This may just mean straining my yogurt, but…)
  14. Kefir
  15. New & more interesting tofu dishes


  1. Samosas
  2. Empanadas
  3. Ramen (I’ve ordered the Momofuku book)
  4. Pad Thai
  5. Pad Si-iew
  6. Thai-type curry bowl
  7. Lettuce wraps
  8. Spring rolls
  9. Egg rolls
  10. General Tso’s Tofu
  11. Dal Makhani
  12. Bindi Masala
  13. Simple dal
  14. Really, really good fluffy basmati rice
  15. Moussaka
  16. Mujadrah
  17. Hummus (I used to make this a lot but I can never get it as smooth and creamy as I would like–perhaps a food processor would help me here)
  18. Latkes
  19. Pierogies (this place makes the best pierogies, but I want to try to make them myself–sauerkraut or cheese & potato, I think)
  20. Stuffed Cabbage
  21. Haluski
  22. Vegetable Korma
  23. Falafel
  24. Dosas
  25. Potstickers

3 thoughts on “Cooking Bucket List

  1. Look at you, categorizing things! =) Nice list. I especially hear you on the iced sugar cookies — I suck at making finished baked goods look pretty.

    Good luck on your list — I look forward to reading about some of these adventures in the future!

  2. I just found your blog when searching for Cooking Bucket Lists – I’m working on my own list too and yours gave me a few ideas to add to my own. Thanks for sharing it and good luck!

    • Hi! I’m glad you could find something of use in my list. I need to be more purposeful about cooking from it. I should probably print it out… :)

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