Break On Through To The Other Side (Or: Christmas Gifts)

purple strips 1 Nothing like following Eleanor Roosevelt with a reference to the Doors! Related to my goal of just taking action and DOING things, craft/quilt-wise, is my goal of making the majority of our family Christmas gifts this year. I’m making my nieces and nephews quilts and I have a couple of stitch-y type stuff planned for my sisters, parents and brothers-in-law. Slightly compounding this goal is the fact that we’re actually celebrating family Christmas over Thanksgiving this year, when we will all be together. We’re driving north next Saturday, so I’ve got about seven days to finish six quilts. I try not to think of it in those terms as it’s a little panic inducing!!

purple strips 2

Ever since my first nephew was born four years ago, I’ve been planning to make them each a quilt. I actually have my oldest nephews quilt sewn and basted and it’s been in that state for a couple of years, when I got frustrated because the quilting wasn’t working the way I thought it should and set it aside. This time around I am trying to set perfectionism aside and just push on to complete projects. I’m trying not to be sloppy and I’m working to do my best at piecing — even picking stitches out if necessary. But giving myself a little grace to not make perfect quilts the first go round. I know that is a logical and sane approach but even just reading that sentence makes me feel kind of sour. I like feeling accomplished. I do not like feeling like there is so much to improve. It’s nice that my creative outlet is also turning into a character building exercise. Ha.

purple strips 3Anyway, I’ve got most of the tops finished but need now to push on through and actually get them quilted. The tops for my two oldest nieces are not done because I needed to order some specific fabric for their quilts and it hasn’t yet arrived. In general my goal is to use up stash fabric and supplies and have that guide my creativity. But the twins are almost 16 and have a pretty specific color scheme happening in their room at my sister’s house. I know how I felt about that kind of stuff as a teen and don’t feel like pushing them just to meet my own needs in this particular case.

purple strips 4

The pictures in this post are some trial block layouts. I’ll show off the finished objects in subsequent posts. First the objects have to actually be finished!!!