Sunday Stash: Kona Solids

I’ve mentioned that for a long time I had a fabric buying hobby, substituting acquisition for making. I really have not bought much fabric over this last year, but the recent making spree also resulted in a little bit of a buying spree. Mostly things to make the quilts for the teenage nieces. My taste has changed quite a bit since I originally started buying fabric and sewing. Where before I loved small, clever prints and allowed myself to get caught up in the latest designer craze, now I find myself drawn to solids and near solids. Unfortunately, I really can’t justify a purchasing spree to justify this change in taste AND I do still like the fabric I have (and feel compelled to use it after going to the trouble of buying it). So the fact that my nieces had some specific color requests worked very well for me!!

kona solids

These two bundles were purchased from the Missouri Star Quilt Company and were a great deal, in addition to working with the color scheme in the twins’ room. The blue bundle is the Pool Party fat quarter set and the purples are in a roll-up called Fancy Florals. I do know how I want to put together their quilts; now I just need to actually get working on them!