A Matter of Time


This quilt is for my eldest (of the littles) niece, Leah. She is two and a half and likes to move, move, move. She’s been a walker since she was nine months old, a runner since she was a year and now moves like an athlete. Some of her favorite things include exercising with Mommy, “lifting” weights with Daddy (he works in a gym) and taking care of her little sister. She’s not often very still, but I feel sure that this quilt will have many adventures!

I used two charm packs to make the center hour glass blocks and then framed the quilt in some gray fabric I had on hand to increase the size somewhat. It’s the perfect size for this petite toddler; she goes to bed every night with her auntie’s blanket.


I used the simple method of making hourglass blocks that I saw described on a MSQC video, although I don’t remember which video exactly. You sew two squares together on two sides only, then cut on the diagonal to get quarter square triangles. Two of these sewn together make your hourglass blocks.

I was pleased with my ability to meet points in the center of these blocks but found that many of my blocks weren’t exactly perfect when lined up beside one another. I think this is maybe due to the way I trimmed the blocks? Obviously, less than perfect piecing probably contributed as well.


I quilted it by echoing the vertical lines of the rows, and then framed the gray space. If I had had more time, I think I would prefer to have a little more quilting, but as it is the quilt is nicely drapey and good for snuggling. I somehow ended up with a terrible flap of fabric that didn’t have anywhere to go and so there is a rather unsightly tuck on one side. It is less obvious that I had built it up in my brain, but still pretty large. I think it is due to not basting properly and to not paying attention as I quilted. I still am learning how to get the quilt through my machine and I think that my manipulations may also have contributed to this error.


The quilt is bound in a bright teal and the backing is pieced from some fun fabrics I had in my stash. Once again I used a machine binding technique and am happy with the way that turned out.


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  1. Your quilt turned out great! I really love the back too :) I prefer less quilting for baby quilts as it does make it more soft. Your niece is sure to enjoy it for many many years.

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