Square Shadows


This quilt is for my niece, Jane. She and my eldest niece are only six months apart and it is fun to watch them become good friends. Jane is a sturdy two year old who is still figuring out some of the finer points of running and jumping, but her vocabulary and imagination are off the chart. She loves to talk and take part in the dinner table conversation. She also loves to follow along behind her brother and try to do everything he does. He is not always thrilled about this!


John thought the pattern on this quilt looked like squares and their shadows, so I am calling the quilt Square Shadows. These are simple half square triangles made using 5″squares, then trimmed down to 4.5″ blocks. This part of the quilt was rather small, so I added size with a couple of borders. I was really pleased with how the different fabrics in my stash worked together in this quilt and I am especially proud of the cornerstones, which were a happy accident that came about because I cut the border strips too short!


The quilting echoes the square/diamond shapes in the center, with straight lines in the border area. The backing is pieced using various leftovers and once again I used the machine binding technique to finish the quilt. This is the third quilt I finished and the quilting and binding on this quilt are markedly better than on the other two. My triangle piecing, on the other hand, could use some work. I do love half square triangles, though, and have lots of ideas for additional quilts.



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