2016 Quilting & Sewing Goals


Goals, goals, goals. I am ever so good at setting them. I am not always so good at following through to completion. Often I try to improve all the areas of my life all at once. And make my goals and resolutions list one big, overwhelming tangle of obligation. This year I am thinking about what I would like to achieve in different areas, and keeping those lists separate places. And they are very task oriented. I do much better with task-oriented goals than I do with abstract self-improvement resolutions.

I’ve broken this list down into two sections, one for quilting and one for sewing. And each section has two parts — skills I’d like to build and specific projects I want to complete to hopefully achieve said skill-building. Of course, I do have some overarching goals that don’t settle nicely into either category or are applicable to both. They are listed below.


  • Stick to using fabric and notions primarily from my stash.
    • Items needed to finish projects are acceptable purchases, but I really don’t need any more fabric.
  • Put myself “out there” more often
    • Participate in a swap, comment on other blogs and instagram accounts, participate in link-ups and commit to keeping this blog going for a whole year.
    • This is a total stretch goal because I really, really like to fly under the radar and am kind of shy — pushing myself outside of my comfort zone for sure.
  • Set up a table with handmade items for sale at a crafts market sometime next fall.
    • A friend and I have been bouncing this idea around and while it makes me nervous, I think its the good kind of stretch goal that pushes rather than shoves. I want to feel a lot more confident about my skills before I do anything so drastic, but I like having this as a longer term goal.



  • Perfect 1/4 inch seam allowance
    • I am so not perfect at this. I am not sure what the trick will be with my machine, but I really want to figure it out, as I think it will make so many other things go more smoothly.
  • Seam-matching and perfect points
    • I’d like to get to the point where these match up at least 90% of the time.
  • Curves and circles
    • Could use quite a bit of work. I tend to be drawn to more linear patterns, but I don’t want to avoid things just because I’m afraid of a little bit of curve.
  • Binding
    • Get to the point with machine-bound quilts where the final seam is straight and consistent.
    • Try hand-binding and improve hand finishing skills generally.

Project Goals

  • Finish the three quilts I’ve started for my little nieces and nephews.
  • Make the twins quilts using the fabric I picked out at the end of the year.
  • Finish the t-shirt quilt I started for my husband.
  • Make a rainbow quilt for two friends going through cancer.
  • Make at least one quilt per month.
  • Make a mini quilt each month and use that project to focus on improv and creativity building.
  • Donate at least two quilts to a charity.



  • Learn how to install a zipper.
    • I am weirdly nervous about this, even after watching a number of video tutorials to the point where I can explain how to do it–I’m just reluctant to try it myself.
  • Learn more about pattern matching.
    • Sometimes I’ve done a really good job, but other times not so much. I don’t entirely understand how to make it consistent so it often feels like it happens by accident.
  • Improve my ability to work with fabric cut on the bias.
    • A lot of these skills actually require me to slow down and pay attention to what I’m doing. I have a tendency to go too fast or not think about what I’m doing. And that really shows up when working with bias cut fabric.
  • Build my ability to install closures cleanly and neatly (buttons, snaps, hook/eye).
    • I have a tendency to complete a reasonably nice project and then butcher it with my inability to finish it nicely.
  • Start using better seam finishes than just pinking the edges.
    • Trying to move away from the Becky-Home-Ecky look.

Project Goals

  • Finish the three aprons I’ve started.
  • Try three or four different pouch patterns.
  • Each month, try one new thing that could be sold at at craft table.
  • Make myself two skirts.
  • Finish the two tops that I have started.
  • Make a duffle bag.
  • Build a stash of pot holders and mug rugs to keep on hand for gifting.