April Sewing Plans and 1 Quarter Reflections

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Well, let me just sum up my first quarter reflections:

I got practically nothing done and met none of my goals.

I’ve been feeling kind of bad about that, BUT. I knew that I was probably not going to complete all six projects listed in my Q1FAL blog post; I posted those as a kind of middle ground between attainable and completely unrealistic. The other thing that happened is, well, life. I decided somewhat unexpectedly to apply to grad school and that took up quite a bit of my energy and motivation. My parents came to visit for a couple of weeks. And I took on a second job! So. What did I accomplish? Three things:

  1. I sewed some additional blocks for the Chevron and On quilt.
  2. I made two nice-sized design walls/boards.
  3. I finished the top to an antique sewing table and moved it into my sewing space.

Not a lot of actual stitching, but I am happy that those things at least were accomplished. And I spent a lot of time going back and forth regarding the quilt design for one of the twin’s quilt. I’d been settled on Ocean Waves for L, but the design I’d selected for N just didn’t seem quite right. Not too long ago I watched the Crosswalk Quilt video from Missouri Star Quilt Company and realized that it is perfect for what I want to do. Both quilts will play with value and I’m striving for an ombre effect of sorts. Not to mention the Crosswalk pattern works much better with the jelly roll I have than the other pattern I’d been considering. I am really happy to have settled on a design that feels right! I think part of my hesitation in starting their quilts was my subconscious lack of commitment to the first design.

April Goals

  • Finish Bri’s quilt
  • Get the fabric cut for the twins’ quilts.
  • Make some pot holders for a friend.
  • Make a zip pouch and mug rug for a friend.

I’ll create a post for second quarter goals a little later this week. There’s no reason to not keep trying to meet these goals just because NOTHING happened the first quarter!



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