Q2 FAL Goals (Or, Let’s Try This Again)


As I mentioned in my previous post, I made absolutely NO progress on my FAL goals for the first quarter. ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH! I enumerated the reasons in that post and won’t really get into it today, but…I really want to do better this time around. So, I’m posting the original nine goals I listed for the first quarter and adding a few to the list. I didn’t have a ton of time to sew last quarter, but when I did, I didn’t necessarily want to work on the projects on my list. So I’m hoping that by being more encompassing I can actually cross some projects off the list.

ETA: Well, I’m bummed. I guess I missed the cut-off for linking up, although I am pretty sure the link up was supposed to last until 11PM EST? Granted, I am cutting it under the wire, but…I think I actually posted before then? Oh well, these goals are primarily to motivate myself, so it’s not such a big deal whether or not I am on the official “list”. 

bri's quilt 1

  • Bri’s Quilt: finish backing, baste, quilt, and bind. Bri’s birthday is in May and I’d really like to get this finished in time for her to have it then.

brooke's quilt

  • Brooke’s Quilt: select backing fabric, baste, quilt and bind. I’d like to have the quilt finished and in the mail before the little lady’s second birthday in July!

landon's quilt

  • Landon’s Quilt: add a border, select backing fabric, baste, quilt and bind. I don’t love this quilt — it’s fine, just not so much my style and I don’t love the idea of giving a quilt I don’t 100% love to someone special to me. Or, at least this quilt doesn’t seem to match up with this little guy. So I want to finish the quilt, but we will see if this actually goes to Landon!

chevron and on

  • Rainbow Chevron and On/Arrow Quilt: finish piecing blocks, piece top, back, baste, quilt and bind. I really love this quilt, and it’s the only project I actually managed to work on last quarter. I’m hoping to see it completed this quarter. Also, I’ve been calling this quilt Chevron and On because I saw it named such on another blog — but I’ve just realized that “Chevron and On” is a pattern published in Quilty and I don’t have that particular issue. It was pretty easy to see how the blocks were constructed and I’ve just been going about in my own way. The blocks look like arrows to me, so I’m renaming it The Arrow Quilt in my head, just to keep confusion to a minimum.

rainbow plus

  • Rainbow Plus Quilt: piece top, back, baste, quilt and bind. Pretty much I have everything to do to this quilt except cut the fabric. I’ve been playing about with layouts, too, but that doesn’t so much count, really.

kona solids

  • L’s Quilt: I’m planning to make up Ocean Waves using this stack of graduated blues. I want to create an ombre effect with the blocks and have spent a good deal of time puzzling that out in my mind, but beyond prepping the fabric, I have not done much on this quilt. I want to have this finished before we all spend a week together over the summer. It’s a little tricky because the colors will be changing within each block and I want to make sure I get that right!
  • N’s Quilt: L & N are twins and I wanted to reference that a BIT in their quilts, but not TOO much as I think they get kind of a lot of that. Each quilt will be made of solids and have an ombre effect, but will use different colors and different patterns. As I mentioned in my last post, it really took me a while to settle on a design for N’s quilt. I thought I’d figured it out in my first quarter post, but no. I just didn’t love the sketches I was making so this project really has been on a back burner. BUT. Recent the Missouri Star Quilt Company published a video for their Crosswalks quilt. I think this purple jelly roll will look fantastic made up into this pattern. One of the things that held me back with the previous pattern is that I would have to rely on the graduation of color to happen over the whole quilt top, without their being much movement within each block. I really prefer for more movement within these quilts, and I think I can make that happen with this pattern.
  • Zip Pouches: I’ve been meaning to make these for a few friends; I’ve included a couple of fabric pulls. I’m planning on using the pouch tutorial by Noodlehead.
  • Pot Holders: I’ve promised one set in a swap and have two friends planning to move into new homes this spring/summer. I’ll be sending along some embellished tea towels as well. I don’t really use a pattern when I make these, but I pulled fabric in the color families that my friends will like. These are unintentionally Christmasy!

garden party baby quilt

  • Garden Party Baby Quilt: This is a charm pack I’ve had forever and some border fabric. At one point I had the top laid out, although enough time has gone by that I’ll have to do that all over again! 

    granny square

  • Granny Square Quilt: I’ve got all the pieces cut out, although I think I want to re-cut the background fabric. I used muslin and not the best quality. The feature fabric is a MoMo line from years ago. I’d rather take the time to use a better quality solid in hopes that the quilt lasts a bit longer. When finished, this quilt will be for my sister and her family.

neptune honeybun

  • Neptune Pinwheels: Another quilt using fabric I’ve had forever. A long time ago I picked up two Honeybuns of Tula Pink’s Neptune line. I used part of one roll to make a pair of pillows for my parents; I’d like to use the remaining fabric to make a matching quilt. I also want to spruce up the pillow, but that’s another project entirely! I am tempted to keep this for myself because I really do love the fabric, but I feel like the quilt should go to my parents, since they have the pillows already.

cushion cover

  • Quilted Cushion: When I was pulling out some of these other projects to photograph, I found these two pieces, a cushion front and back, pieced and basted, ready to quilt. I don’t actually ever remember doing this, so who knows how long it’s been hanging around. But it shouldn’t take long to finish this one up!

****Um, I cleaned up my guest room rather too well when my parents visited and can’t find these items to photograph. I KNOW where they are, I just need to move stuff around to get to them. So…I’ve moved them to the bottom of the list as that just makes it so much less likely that I actually get to them at all!****

  • Charity Baby Quilt: This is a strip pieced quilt top that I’ve had pieced FOREVER but have been holding off on completing. I don’t love the color scheme, although I don’t think it’s horrible, either. Just not so much my style. I’ve also realized that overall, I don’t especially care for this type of pattern. Some folks really kill it and that’s awesome. I don’t and I’m not interested enough to try and figure out how to make them more exciting; I’d rather spend my time thinking about patterns that excite me! So I’ll be glad to have this done, although it’s probably the project I am least interested in actually working on. I do think it will be good practice for straight line quilting.
  • Michael’s T-Shirt Quilt: Again. I’m having a hard time conceptualizing how this quilt will actually be appealing (visually). I need to get over that and just finish it — the t-shirts were his mothers’ and I think it would be something we’ll both enjoy cuddling under.

That’s a total of 15 projects; hopefully they will keep me busy! I’m also giving myself permission to work on projects I WANT to work on, even if they aren’t on this list. That’s not part of the FAL, but I do think that I made so little progress at least partly because I wanted to work on some things but felt like I just couldn’t because they weren’t on the official list. Since this is really more about keeping track of my hobby and less about any other kind of productivity goal, I think I can relax a little and let myself just have a little fun.

Apologies for the less than stellar photos — I am mostly grabbing pictures using my phone and inside after dark, so they lack…pretty much everything.