More Projects (Or, I’ve Been Cleaning)

I decided to do a little furniture rearranging that I’ve been putting off. It involved clearing out an old microwave cabinet that I’ve been using to hold my sewing machine and other sewing items. Once cleared out, I’m moving that cabinet to the kitchen and plan to move the sewing machine table that I recently finished in it’s place. Of course, in the process of cleaning out the cabinet, I found about 15 more projects that are in various stages of completion. Not to mention more fabric. One good thing about having missed the actual link-up deadline for the FAL is that I can go ahead and add these to my goal list and since I’m really only accountable to myself…win/win. Or lose/lose, since I’m the person who can’t seem to finish this stuff off. Many of these projects require very little additional work to complete; I’m hoping to spend some time on the smallest projects this week and have a few actual finishes!!

These are not the most fantastic of photos as I really just wanted to document what was in the cabinet and move forward. As I finish them, I hope to take better pictures. Also, it’s very possible that not all the things can be saved.

Card Holder: This case was intended to hold note cards and I’m pretty sure the project was doomed from the start. I don’t remember if I cut the wrong size or if the case itself was just a lot smaller than I realized, but…no normal sized note card set will fit in this case. That’s ok, there are other problems before we get to actually USING the case: the ribbon is sewn in backwards and the case just seems very plain. I have some ideas for how to save it and even how it can be used. I hope I can pull it off!

burb cloth

Burp Cloth: One side is cut out, the solid still needs to be traced and cut. In addition to this cloth, I have one completely finished. Why did I stop? Possibly because the solid piece won’t quite fit the pattern? Not sure–I am casting back in memory, here. A cousin is having a baby over the summer, so I’d like to finish these up in time for the shower next month.

advent calendar

Advent Calendar: Hard to tell from this photo, but this is a long, skinny Advent calendar. It’s intended to hold wrapped candies in the ribbons and as each day passes, the candy is untied and consumed, marking the wait for Christmas. I think I just need to finish gluing on the ribbons and maybe add a little embellishment. I’ve had this project for over ten years. It doesn’t enthrall me the way it once did, but I would use it if I finished it.


Apron: The pieces are cut out and ready to be sewn together. I don’t know why I stalled, except I think the color started to bore me. This is another project that I’ve been hauling around for over ten years.

Market Totes: These are two total SNAFUs. They’re made using the Jane Market Tote pattern by Alicia Paulsen but I completely messed them up. I really don’t know how it happened; I was having a bad brain day I think. I’ve made the pattern since then and not had any issues. But these were a doozy. You can see that the one on the left is not even remotely put together correctly. Actually I think I started by cutting everything wrong. The one of the right just looks sad. I think I can save them enough to get salvageable tote bags out of them; not beautiful, but fine for groceries.

flannel baby quilt

Flannel Baby Quilt: Another project that’s been hanging about for eons. Probably eight years. I started it for a woman who was looking forward to her first grandchild. I ran out of steam at some point and then, just as I was thinking I could get it together, the relationship went sour and that friend doesn’t see her grandchildren anymore. So right back on the shelf it went. I think the rows are complete, so it’s just a matter of sewing them together and then finishing the quilt. It’s soft and bright and will make a nice donation quilt.

freshcut charms

Heather Bailey Charms: When my sister was just starting to get into sewing, I cut a number of my collection of Heather Bailey prints into fat quarters and gave them to her. I don’t remember cutting these charm squares, but am pretty sure that must have happened at about the same time. The stack is about equivalent to two charm packs and will make a nice sized baby quilt. I still have most of those prints in a fat quarter or larger size in my stash, as well!

half aprons

Half Aprons: These were intended for my nieces. Why did I stall? Probably something in the instructions made me nervous. They are mostly cut out and I just need to actually sew them up! The fabric is from Amy Butler’s LOVE line, I believe.

neptune blocks

Neptune Blocks: I shared the Honeybun of Neptune in yesterday’s post; these are the blocks that are leftover from using the first honeybun to make throw pillows for my parents.

punctuation charm packs

Punctuation Charm Packs: These two charm packs I picked up just because I thought the print was cute. I don’t know that I ever had a plan for them, but I do now. My sister’s good friend just gave birth to twin girls. I want to use two different patterns to make them each a quilt using one charm pack. Enough to be similar, but not exactly the same.


Barcelona Skirt: Honestly, this is not super high on my priority list, but I do want to make it before the summer is over. This pattern and the fabric were a gift many years ago. I’ve just not taken the time (or have been happy with my body–dumb reason, I know) to make it up.

tea toweling

Toweling: All that needs to be done with the toweling is to cut the length I have in two and then hem!!!! I do want to add a little strawberry applique to each towel, but still. This has been sitting around for a couple of years and WHY?!

wee kitten and bear

Wee Kitten and Bear: Patterns cut out and ready to sew, for the most part. Not pictured is the partly stuff carcass that had been hanging out in the basket as well. I think I marked it with ink or something made me unhappy with it. But I think I can make it usable so I want to try to get these done. I’d kind of like to have a stuffy made for each of my nieces and nephews when we vacation together in August.

Kind of insane, right? Worst part is that there are MORE projects hiding out in other places. This is just what I managed to un-earth from the microwave cabinet. From now on I am going to move forward with “Finished is Better than Perfect” as my motto!


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    1. Ha ha–thanks. I did a little TOO well on the collecting and less well on the making, but I’m trying to correct that balance now.

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