Apparently Christmas is the Only Time I Craft…


I scrapped my previous plan for Bri’s quilt. Ultimately I didn’t feel like it really captured her, you know? I wanted something brighter, a little more contemporary and geometric. I happened upon the Basic Mixology line by Zen Chic and grabbed a charm pack. I love these colors and the simple yet striking patterns. As you can see, I’m going to a simple HST quilt; once I get these blocks sewn together I’m going to add a wide-ish border and quilt it pretty simply.

This is going to be my One Monthly Goal project for December, although more accurately it could be called my One Weekly Goal as I’m leaving for PA when my finals are over this week. Nothing like a strict deadline to light a fire under me! I have a few other projects I’d like to complete this month, as well, but for now this is the major priority.


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