Le Sigh…

I did NOT manage to complete my One Monthly Goal for December. I was doing well, but realized that there was no way I would finish it before I left for my trip home on December 7th. And that was the end of my sewing mojo! In fairness, I was out of town for quite a while. I did put together a wonky little mug rug and my husband helped me assemble the work bench that has become a cutting table for me (and was my Christmas gift).

In thinking about sewing and quilting and creating and what I’d like to accomplish this year — really, I just want to make stuff and ENJOY what I’m making. I think that setting specific project goals has been counter productive for me because those goals aren’t necessarily projects that spark my creativity OR they are something that I feel I HAVE to make (even though, I often don’t….it’s a weird kind of mental reasoning). Thinking about that aspect specifically, I’ve realized two things:

  • I like the idea and the act of making and giving things to other people.
  • Projects made specifically with other people in mind make me feel stifled and under pressure and just not creative.

So. The mug rug was a messy little beast and it’s not perfect, but I tried making half rectangles for the first time and was super proud of myself! And when I finished, I thought…oh, so and so might like this. I didn’t actually give it away because it still needs to be bound, but my take away is this:

  • I need to make for the sake of making first and foremost. And then if the finished projects strike me as something that is a good fit for a family member or friend, well, it can go live with them (assuming they want it!).

Which means that my resolution for this month and this year is simply to make. To give myself time each week to dabble in whatever it is I want to do with the supplies I already have on hand. I’m not even going to set a time goal as I think I’ll focus more on that than on the process, and the process is what I crave. So here’s to 2017, the year of making.