January Creative Projects

I’m holding myself to my goal of making what I want, when I want. For January, that meant not a lot, as I adjusted to a new school semester. But I did do a few things.


I saw a video on facebook that demonstrated how to make paper stars or snowflakes using paper lunch bags. I have a ton of lunch bags and thought I’d make one myself. It’s hanging in my kitchen window and I really like it there. It’s also a really easy project, so I prepped some kits to mail to my nieces and nephews.


I really love paper snowflakes and find cutting them to be relaxing once I remember how to fold the paper correctly (there is always one where my folds and my cuts result in confetti instead of a snowflake). I’d been really intrigued by the more intricate snowflakes I’ve seen on pinterest, so freehanded the templates on scrap paper and held my breath. I’m really pleased with how they came out, though!


Finally, I’ve always considered myself politically active and engaged, however this past fall and now the first 15 days of the new administration have made it clear to me that I need to really step up my game in this regard. I made this sign (front and back) to carry at the Women’s March in Washington. In some ways, creating is how I best express myself, so I suspect that more politically motivated making will be made in the coming months.


4 thoughts on “January Creative Projects

  1. I am glad you were able to get some craft projects done as well as the creativity associated with making the sign. What I really wanted to comment on is the quilt shown in an earlier post, with the half square triangles (but the comments were closed). I love how it looks. The colors are so pretty, and vibrant! It looks a bit like spring plants emerging against a background of snow. :)

    1. Thanks Bless! I think I have the comments set to automatically close after so many days since I’m so much less active on that blog. :)

      I do really like the HST quilt, too. I had to set it aside because my timeline was way too short and I got frustrated, but I was looking at it the other day and was getting excited about it again.

  2. I just discovered your blog, Laura, and I LOVE it!! Can’t wait to take some time and read through all your posts.
    I loved making snowflakes when I was a child and then again as a preschool teacher with my students. I’ve made them with my own children also but I’ve never seen such artistic ones as you have made. They are beautiful and you have me thinking that maybe next winter the kids and I will try to make some really fun ones to decorate the house. :)

    1. Thank you Dawn! I hope to be more active in this space, but I am also a full-time student right now, so my time is a bit limited.

      I taught preschool for a couple of years before becoming a librarian. I love working with 5 and unders — I bet you had a good time creating with them. I cannot take credit for the artistic design on my snowflakes — I just looked up decorative paper snowflakes and a ton of templates came up. I hope you have fun making some next winter with your kids!

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