End of Year, Beginning of Year

midcentury mod log cabin
One project I started recently.

I honestly couldn’t remember what goals I had set for myself in January, so when I went back to look at my post (one of two made in 2017, ugh) I was pleasantly surprised. Grad school has been a total time suck and a bummer when it comes to getting stuff done that I want to get done. This past year and especially this past semester have been a lot about letting go of expectations. But they’ve also been about realizing the importance of self-care and how, for me, creativity and making things is an essential component of that care. I want to continue with the low expectation, or low-risk, form of goal making. I really don’t need something else to stress about, especially not something that is supposed to nurture those parts of myself that get worn out and frazzled. But at the same time, I’d like something a little more structured than last year, simply because sometimes I don’t want to think about what I can make or do! So how can I strike a balance? This is what I am thinking:

  • Continue to prioritize making for the sake of making. Of giving myself time to play with fabric and patterns and ideas and create whatever strikes my fancy. Sometimes my fancy might mean just sitting down with fabric and pulling possibilities together. Sometimes it might mean making a quick project from start to finish all in one go. And sometimes I just might want to feel like I’m making progress on something already started, or just pick up a project without having to think too much about what it is or will be. For those times in particular I’m going to:
  • Create a list (or lists) of UFOs/WIP and then work on them based on the number/draw system at All People Quilt or Patchwork Times. I’m not sure if I will even link up my lists, because I think that would create a sense of obligation and I really don’t need that now. But I like the idea of being totally tapped out and knowing that I can check these sites and see what UFO number is up each month and work from there. The thought to have two lists and work from two sites just adds some extra leeway into the process. If I’m not feeling the project associated with the number on one list, I can turn to the other.
zipper pouch
My first zip pouch!!

Other goals for 2018 include:

  • working primarily from my stash — I have a lot of fabric and a lot of projects already started (it’s a little odd how many, actually, since I feel like I never actually do anything…). I am giving myself permission to buy materials needed to complete a project, which might include background or backing fabric — I’ve only just realized how MUCH fabric is really required for quilts when you make them larger than a baby or cot quilt! While I have a lot of fabric on hand, it’s often in cuts too small or prints too busy to be useful for background fabric.
  • donating completed projects to charitable organizations/causes. Specifically I think that pillowcases would be a quick project that uses up larger pieces of fabric. In addition to not buying fabric, I want to really work down what I have on hand as it has gotten to be somewhat overwhelming.
  • bags! I made my first zipper pouch over the holidays and it was fun and fast and very satisfying. I really like projects that result in useful items and I’ve been admiring several specific bag patterns for a while now. I feel like this might be the year that I really explore this interest.

2018 Planning Party

I was inspired to write this post because I noticed that a number of bloggers were participating in the #2018PlanningParty hosted by QuiltingJETgirl. My goals are so low-key as to barely count as a plan, but I wanted to join in the fun and bring just a tad bit more structure to my making plans for this coming year than I had in 2017. Happy New Year and Happy Quilting/Making!

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  1. Your goals definitely count as a plan! I like that your main focus is going to be make for the sake of making and that you are going to give yourself the freedom to really find the joy in what you are creating. I hope you have a lot of creative joy in 2018!

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