April OMG + Short List

Nautical 5 by 5

My OMG for April is the same as it was for February — get this quilt backed, sandwiched and quilted. April is kind of an intense month (finals and final projects), so I will be happy if I get the back pieced and the quilt sandwiched, but I’m adding in a stretch goal because I know that once it’s sandwiched I’ll probably want to just keep going!

I’m also adding a short list of other projects I want/need to work on this month:

  • Continue getting to know my new sewing machine.
  • Work on the Layer Cake Nine Patch I started last summer/fall.
  • Finish the top to Bri’s quilt.
  • Make something just for fun, and just because I want to!

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I’m linking up to Elm Street Quilts and plan to make my 2nd quarter of goal setting more successful than the first!





February One Monthly Goal

Nautical 5 by 5

Although I didn’t complete my January One Monthly Goal in time, I’m linking up again this month. I find the targeted sewing goal helpful, even if I don’t fully achieve it. In January I managed to make a few drawstring bags and also finished a number of unexpected UFO finds that were squirreled away. I’m still plugging away at the bags, too.

For February, I’d like to concentrate on moving this quilt top into a finished quilt. I’ve selected the backing fabrics and should be able to get the whole thing done in a weekend. The big question is setting aside enough time to get it done! I’m linking up at Elm Street Quilts with a few hours to spare.

Nautical Baby Quilt: No Longer Ugly

Nautical 5 by 5

I’m feeling rather pleased this morning — the ugly baby quilt that I just wanted to get done and out of my life has turned into something I rather like, now. Adding the borders and cornerstones definitely quieted down the busyness that really bothered me in the earlier rendition and I think that the eye can more easily trace the pattern with the sashing/borders than when the blocks were huddled up close together. The bottom border will probably give me problems when quilting — hanging here I can see that it is way less than perfect, although it’s not as visible when hanging on my design wall. I suppose that perhaps the way my husband is holding the top might have an effect? I don’t know.

As a reminder, this is what it looked like before:

landon's quilt

I really think the changes I made improve this by about 100%. I’m also really trying to embrace the idea that finished is better than perfect and am making it my motto for 2018. I think this qualifies! ;) Here’s another shot, with slightly different lighting — the sun was a little tricky this morning.

Nautical 5 by 5 (2)

I plan to quilt it in a simple grid. I am using stash fabrics for the back and binding — a seersucker with navy and red anchors/life preservers on it, and a blue flannel combo for the backing and then a solid red for the binding. I have three random cuts of seersucker to use up and am happy to get some of it out of the stash and into a project!

Linking up with Finish it Up Friday, Finished or Not Friday, and Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?!

2018 FAL: Q1 Project List

I'm in! 2018 FAL

Ok. I’ve never actually managed to finish anything that I’ve ever listed but…with hope springing eternal in the new year — and a good start on at least one project — I’m jumping in and posting a small list for the first quarter of 2018. Four projects sounds reasonable, right? Maybe a stretch, but not such a big one that I end up feeling defeated by my goals.

landon's quilt

Ugly Nautical Baby Quilt Finish/Refinish (#1)

  • To Do: unsew, add borders, back, baste & quilt, bind, donate
  • By far not my favorite, but I just want it gone. And it won’t take long to finish once I actually get started on it.

drawstring bag 2

Six Lined Drawstring Bags (#2)

  • Done/To Do: Fabric is mostly selected and some pieces cut. Just need to assemble then send to their future homes.
  • This should be my first completed project, as I want to get these to my nieces and nephews ASAP.


Bri’s Quilt (#3)

  • To Do: add wide border, back, baste & quilt, bind, finish in time for my parents to take back with them when they visit! (late February/March)
  • I got annoyed when I sewed the HST blocks together and they didn’t line up perfectly (and won’t, due to a combination of sewing and cutting errors, I think) and set this aside. But Bri is 2 and about to have a baby sister and her older sister already has a quilt, so…it needs to be finished!

Wool + Wax Tote (#4)

  • To Do: Cut pieces, assemble, USE!
  • No photo because embarrassingly I can’t find my bundle of fabrics and notions that I collected to make this tote. So perhaps my first step should be find the project. But I know it’s close by, just got shuffled up in a reorg before I snapped any photos. Anyway, I’ve wanted to make a Noodlehead pattern for a while and this one works really well for my needs. I’m excited to make something functional for myself.

That’s it! I think a doable list, but I’m not going to beat myself up if it doesn’t all get done, either. I started this post over the weekend before my internship started up again and the view looks a little different this morning as I’m back to my crazy schedule!


Lined Drawstring Bag

drawstring bag 2

I was really hoping that this week off before school and my internship start back up would be a hive of productivity, both creatively and professionaly. Instead, I picked up the mother of all colds over New Years and have been reduced to just making it through. That’s been kind of a bummer. Today, though I am finally feeling better and took the opportunity to make up a lined drawstring bag. I’ve had this pattern from In Color Order forever but never had gotten around to making up a bag using it. I’m glad that has finally changed!

more bags
So dark…right now my reality is sewing and photography that takes place after the sun goes down.

In addition to the pink fabrics on the exterior, I used a yellow zebra print for the lining. You can see it in the pieces I’ve laid out for other bags. And some rainbow striped ribbon for the drawstrings. I actually started to make a fabric drawstring but broke my needle somehow. That’s usually a sign to step away from the machine!

Although I’m linking up this up as a finish at Crazy Mom Quilts and Confessions of a Fabric Addict, I’m not actually totally done with this pattern. I’m planning to make several more to use as fun packaging for the January mail surprise I send to my neices and nephews. I need six more. You can see some of my fabric considerations and some of the goodies in the photo above. Anyway, those six additional lined drawstring bags will be my January One Monthly Goal, which I am linking up to at Elm Street Quilts.


UFO Challenge #s for January

Judy at Patchwork Times and American Patchwork and Quilting have both announced their UFO numbers for the month. These correspond to my UFO lists 1 & 2 respectively, and, in that order, the project numbers are 10 and 12. Actually APQ posted their number early because apparently many people put a less-loved project at 12, not expecting it to be called right away. And so they wanted to give a little heads up in case people needed to rearrange their list. I would be one of those people! I really just didn’t feel like working on the Neptune pinwheels this month, so switched it with the Rainbow Plus project previously at #4. Anyway…the two projects are:

  • #10 — The Nautical Baby quilt. I think that I am going to un-sew the four big squares and add a border around each one to give the fabrics a little more room to breathe. I’m not sure if I’ll use a white or other solid for the border, but I definitely feel more positive about the quilt after making that decision.
  • #12 — The Rainbow Plus quilt. I hit a little snag with this one already — I had cut enough pieces for a full-on rainbow top, but when I pulled the fabrics I didn’t really pay as much attention to value as I should have and I honestly HATE how it looks with all the colors just jumbled together when I tried it out on my design wall. So this project may end up with a quilt or a quilt top, but with enough leftovers to make more quilts, ugh! My plan right now is to pull my favorite of each color, make a plus block, give it a wide border and set it into a 3 by 3 layout for a small throw sized quilt. And then we’ll see what I do with the rest of the squares.

Before I do any of that, though, I want to sew up some quick and simple drawstring bags for my nieces and nephews. I try to send them a little care package each month and this month I have a variety of little stocking stuffer type goodies that would be easier to throw in a bag than try to wrap individually! I am tempted to make this my One Monthly Goal…but I have been abyssmal at meeting those. I think I’ll sleep on it and decide tomorrow!

UFO List #2 (Plus some WIPs)



Ok, this list doesn’t have any photos because I ran out of steam. But these are all UFO projects started over the last several years and then abandoned for one reason or another. And these two lists (UFO List #1 and today’s) don’t include ALL the things I’ve started and let founder. But I figure they’re a good place to start!

  1. Big & Simple Squares #1 — needs a backing, then quilted and bound
  2. Big & Simple Squares #2 — needs a backing, then quilted and bound
  3. Chevron & On — some blocks complete, many more to go
  4. Rainbow Plus — everything cut, but needs to be pieced
  5. Aprons — I have three different aprons started. I’d like to finish them or maybe decide to harvest the fabric for something else.
  6. Rosy Chevron — needs a backing, then quilted and bound
  7. Blooming Star — backing needs to be finished, then quilted and bound
  8. Charm pack quilts — I have three different charm packs that I’ve played around with in various layouts. I’d like to get them made up into baby quilts and out of my stash.
  9. Weird improv project — as the name implies, this is an improv project that stalled because its hideous. I’m curious to see if going back to it will improve it or if its destined for the dustbin.
  10. Rosy Mini — I have the center pieced and then all the tiny scraps of that rosy floral to use up in a mini quilt.
  11. MOMO granny squares quilt — pieces are cut out, except I want to use a different background fabric
  12. Neptune pinwheels — a loong time ago I purchased two honey buns of Tula Pink Neptune and started making pinwheels, then set them aside. For fun I looked to see if there is any Neptune fabric available on Etsy or Ebay — a jelly roll of this line sells for $350!!!!!! I’m glad I didn’t pay that for these honey buns or I’d never feel like I was able to use them!

In case it seems as though I only have long abandoned projects on my hands, I do have two projects which I’ve started more recently and have been working on, albeit in a rather desultory manner. These works in progress are:

  1. Mid Century Modern Log Cabins (are you getting a sense for when I purchased a large portion of my fabric stash?)
  2. C&S Nine Patch (using a layer cake and this tutorial from the Moda Bake Shop)

And I have two THREE! projects that I’ve just finished gathering supplies for and am looking forward to getting started:

  1. Paintpots Quilt (using a twilight design roll of Kaffe Fassett Shot Cottons)
    • I won the design roll and then when I saw the pattern I knew that is what I wanted to use with the fabric, but I didn’t have a coordinating background or backing fabric so went ahead and ordered those over the break).
  2. Noodlehead Wool + Wax Tote
    • I’m still waiting on the webbing for the handles to come in, but all other supplies will come from my stash.
  3. Starry Night Quilt w/my husband
    • My husband wants to make a quilt, well, wants us to make a quilt together. I thought he would pick something like the skull quilt I showed him, but instead he wants a quilt that looks like a starry night, with bright stars twinkling in a night sky. We’ve ordered and received the fabric for the top and drew out a rough design, but haven’t had a chance to get started on this project yet.

ETA: I forgot about the third project that lives in the “needs to be started” category. I’ve added it above. 12/29/17