UFO List #2 (Plus some WIPs)



Ok, this list doesn’t have any photos because I ran out of steam. But these are all UFO projects started over the last several years and then abandoned for one reason or another. And these two lists (UFO List #1 and today’s) don’t include ALL the things I’ve started and let founder. But I figure they’re a good place to start!

  1. Big & Simple Squares #1 — needs a backing, then quilted and bound
  2. Big & Simple Squares #2 — needs a backing, then quilted and bound
  3. Chevron & On — some blocks complete, many more to go
  4. Rainbow Plus — everything cut, but needs to be pieced
  5. Aprons — I have three different aprons started. I’d like to finish them or maybe decide to harvest the fabric for something else.
  6. Rosy Chevron — needs a backing, then quilted and bound
  7. Blooming Star — backing needs to be finished, then quilted and bound
  8. Charm pack quilts — I have three different charm packs that I’ve played around with in various layouts. I’d like to get them made up into baby quilts and out of my stash.
  9. Weird improv project — as the name implies, this is an improv project that stalled because its hideous. I’m curious to see if going back to it will improve it or if its destined for the dustbin.
  10. Rosy Mini — I have the center pieced and then all the tiny scraps of that rosy floral to use up in a mini quilt.
  11. MOMO granny squares quilt — pieces are cut out, except I want to use a different background fabric
  12. Neptune pinwheels — a loong time ago I purchased two honey buns of Tula Pink Neptune and started making pinwheels, then set them aside. For fun I looked to see if there is any Neptune fabric available on Etsy or Ebay — a jelly roll of this line sells for $350!!!!!! I’m glad I didn’t pay that for these honey buns or I’d never feel like I was able to use them!

In case it seems as though I only have long abandoned projects on my hands, I do have two projects which I’ve started more recently and have been working on, albeit in a rather desultory manner. These works in progress are:

  1. Mid Century Modern Log Cabins (are you getting a sense for when I purchased a large portion of my fabric stash?)
  2. C&S Nine Patch (using a layer cake and this tutorial from the Moda Bake Shop)

And I have two THREE! projects that I’ve just finished gathering supplies for and am looking forward to getting started:

  1. Paintpots Quilt (using a twilight design roll of Kaffe Fassett Shot Cottons)
    • I won the design roll and then when I saw the pattern I knew that is what I wanted to use with the fabric, but I didn’t have a coordinating background or backing fabric so went ahead and ordered those over the break).
  2. Noodlehead Wool + Wax Tote
    • I’m still waiting on the webbing for the handles to come in, but all other supplies will come from my stash.
  3. Starry Night Quilt w/my husband
    • My husband wants to make a quilt, well, wants us to make a quilt together. I thought he would pick something like the skull quilt I showed him, but instead he wants a quilt that looks like a starry night, with bright stars twinkling in a night sky. We’ve ordered and received the fabric for the top and drew out a rough design, but haven’t had a chance to get started on this project yet.

ETA: I forgot about the third project that lives in the “needs to be started” category. I’ve added it above. 12/29/17


UFO List #1

In my previous post I mentioned that I plan to loosely follow along with the UFO challenges as presented by Patchwork Times and All People Quilt. Loosely because I’m not putting the expectation on myself of finishing all of these projects or even any part of each list, but rather using these lists as inspiration when I want to work on something but don’t have the brain space to really know what it is I want to do. And I suspect that sometimes I may just want to work on these projects and will turn to them even if their number isn’t up — that’s ok, too. As I’ve said, I’m following these challenges LOOSELY. ;)

With all that said, here is my first list. It is comprised almost entirely of baby quilts and/or small quilted projects like pillows. Most are not started beyond cutting out pieces and pulling fabric, the exception being a few finished quilt tops that need to be quilted and bound. Although I had specific plans for the bagged projects, don’t be surprised if they end up going in an entirely different direction!


  • First up is an X quilt made with this OTT rose fabric. I won this fabric YEARS ago during the stage of my hobby that was largely fabric acquisition and reflects my brief love affair with the shabby chic aesthetic. My taste for these prints never developed beyond vague aspirations for a whitewashed beach house, but the fabric lives on, seemingly forever. I’ve already made two baby quilt tops with this fabric and have more scraps to use up still. Anyway. This and most of the other baby quilts posted in this list will finished between 36 and 40 inches square. This is project ONE.


  • Next is more of the rose floral — this time in a very busy plus pattern. I’m tempted to just finish it like this and call it done, but more than likely I will add some calmer fabric into the mix for a quilt that someone may actually be able to sleep under. ;) This is project TWO.


  • MORE floral. This will probably end up being my favorite and it is very simple — just a checkerboard quilt with the florals alternating with white squares and then a wide white border. The white fabric for this quilt is also scraps and stored in the same bag, but not yet cut down into squares. This is project THREE.


  • Another checkerboard, this time using more modern fabrics. It will be finished similarly to the rosy floral above, although I have squares that will act as cornerstones in the white border. This is project FOUR.


  • This project and the next are both pillows…I have enough blue fabric squares to make three pillow covers (fronts only). I’ll add a border fabric and they’ll finish at 20 inches square. At least one will go to my nephew as the fabric coordinates reasonably well with the quilt I made him. I plan to quilt the front only and finish with a simple envelope backing. This is project FIVE.


  • And this is project SIX. Same details for these as above, except these will finish at 26 inches.


  • This photo captures two projects — dancing cats in pink and dancing cats in blue. As you can see I’ve had a plan sketched out for these fabrics for a while, although I suspect this plan will change somewhat when I get around to making them. I’ve had this fabric forever, too, and like the floral, it doesn’t accurately reflect my taste any longer. If it ever did, really. I think they will be fun baby quilts, though! These are projects SEVEN and EIGHT.


  • Project NINE is to complete Bri’s quilt — this has been on my list, uh, since 2016, which is really quite embarrassing. This photo is old, it’s actually pieced into a nearly complete top; I just need to add borders. And then quilt and bind it of course. Although this is number 9, I may end up working on it sooner, just so that I can give it to her while she is still a toddler (time is running out for that!!!).

landon's quilt

  • Quilt and bind this top. When I first made this I HATED it and part of that has to do with the fabric — it frays really easily and is kind of a pain. Also the print seems like it should be whimsical, but somehow is more folksy than anything. Which I do not care for. Good news, though…having let it marinate in the closet for a couple of years I don’t have nearly the resentment toward it that I once did. It is by far not my favorite, but it will be a good opportunity to practice my quilting skills. This is project TEN.


  • I have more patches of that same nautical fabric cut up and ready to piece into quilts, although I forgot to take a picture of it when I had it out. I’m calling one a nautical nine patch and the other will be a simple rail fence pattern to use up the last bits. They need to be pieced, quilted and bound. They are projects ELEVEN and TWELVE.

I will be THRILLED if I make any progress at all on any of these projects this year. I would very much like to complete several of them, but I do know that my schedule is unlikely to ease up much until I graduate in August. So whatever I can get done will feel like a blessing. Especially if I remember to frame it as such! I’m linking this list up to Patchwork Times. I have to say that my projects are laughably SIMPLE compared to what the much more experienced and dedicated quilters who have already linked up have posted. But…oh well. This is where I am right now!

End of Year, Beginning of Year

midcentury mod log cabin
One project I started recently.

I honestly couldn’t remember what goals I had set for myself in January, so when I went back to look at my post (one of two made in 2017, ugh) I was pleasantly surprised. Grad school has been a total time suck and a bummer when it comes to getting stuff done that I want to get done. This past year and especially this past semester have been a lot about letting go of expectations. But they’ve also been about realizing the importance of self-care and how, for me, creativity and making things is an essential component of that care. I want to continue with the low expectation, or low-risk, form of goal making. I really don’t need something else to stress about, especially not something that is supposed to nurture those parts of myself that get worn out and frazzled. But at the same time, I’d like something a little more structured than last year, simply because sometimes I don’t want to think about what I can make or do! So how can I strike a balance? This is what I am thinking:

  • Continue to prioritize making for the sake of making. Of giving myself time to play with fabric and patterns and ideas and create whatever strikes my fancy. Sometimes my fancy might mean just sitting down with fabric and pulling possibilities together. Sometimes it might mean making a quick project from start to finish all in one go. And sometimes I just might want to feel like I’m making progress on something already started, or just pick up a project without having to think too much about what it is or will be. For those times in particular I’m going to:
  • Create a list (or lists) of UFOs/WIP and then work on them based on the number/draw system at All People Quilt or Patchwork Times. I’m not sure if I will even link up my lists, because I think that would create a sense of obligation and I really don’t need that now. But I like the idea of being totally tapped out and knowing that I can check these sites and see what UFO number is up each month and work from there. The thought to have two lists and work from two sites just adds some extra leeway into the process. If I’m not feeling the project associated with the number on one list, I can turn to the other.
zipper pouch
My first zip pouch!!

Other goals for 2018 include:

  • working primarily from my stash — I have a lot of fabric and a lot of projects already started (it’s a little odd how many, actually, since I feel like I never actually do anything…). I am giving myself permission to buy materials needed to complete a project, which might include background or backing fabric — I’ve only just realized how MUCH fabric is really required for quilts when you make them larger than a baby or cot quilt! While I have a lot of fabric on hand, it’s often in cuts too small or prints too busy to be useful for background fabric.
  • donating completed projects to charitable organizations/causes. Specifically I think that pillowcases would be a quick project that uses up larger pieces of fabric. In addition to not buying fabric, I want to really work down what I have on hand as it has gotten to be somewhat overwhelming.
  • bags! I made my first zipper pouch over the holidays and it was fun and fast and very satisfying. I really like projects that result in useful items and I’ve been admiring several specific bag patterns for a while now. I feel like this might be the year that I really explore this interest.

2018 Planning Party

I was inspired to write this post because I noticed that a number of bloggers were participating in the #2018PlanningParty hosted by QuiltingJETgirl. My goals are so low-key as to barely count as a plan, but I wanted to join in the fun and bring just a tad bit more structure to my making plans for this coming year than I had in 2017. Happy New Year and Happy Quilting/Making!

January Creative Projects

I’m holding myself to my goal of making what I want, when I want. For January, that meant not a lot, as I adjusted to a new school semester. But I did do a few things.


I saw a video on facebook that demonstrated how to make paper stars or snowflakes using paper lunch bags. I have a ton of lunch bags and thought I’d make one myself. It’s hanging in my kitchen window and I really like it there. It’s also a really easy project, so I prepped some kits to mail to my nieces and nephews.


I really love paper snowflakes and find cutting them to be relaxing once I remember how to fold the paper correctly (there is always one where my folds and my cuts result in confetti instead of a snowflake). I’d been really intrigued by the more intricate snowflakes I’ve seen on pinterest, so freehanded the templates on scrap paper and held my breath. I’m really pleased with how they came out, though!


Finally, I’ve always considered myself politically active and engaged, however this past fall and now the first 15 days of the new administration have made it clear to me that I need to really step up my game in this regard. I made this sign (front and back) to carry at the Women’s March in Washington. In some ways, creating is how I best express myself, so I suspect that more politically motivated making will be made in the coming months.

Le Sigh…

I did NOT manage to complete my One Monthly Goal for December. I was doing well, but realized that there was no way I would finish it before I left for my trip home on December 7th. And that was the end of my sewing mojo! In fairness, I was out of town for quite a while. I did put together a wonky little mug rug and my husband helped me assemble the work bench that has become a cutting table for me (and was my Christmas gift).

In thinking about sewing and quilting and creating and what I’d like to accomplish this year — really, I just want to make stuff and ENJOY what I’m making. I think that setting specific project goals has been counter productive for me because those goals aren’t necessarily projects that spark my creativity OR they are something that I feel I HAVE to make (even though, I often don’t….it’s a weird kind of mental reasoning). Thinking about that aspect specifically, I’ve realized two things:

  • I like the idea and the act of making and giving things to other people.
  • Projects made specifically with other people in mind make me feel stifled and under pressure and just not creative.

So. The mug rug was a messy little beast and it’s not perfect, but I tried making half rectangles for the first time and was super proud of myself! And when I finished, I thought…oh, so and so might like this. I didn’t actually give it away because it still needs to be bound, but my take away is this:

  • I need to make for the sake of making first and foremost. And then if the finished projects strike me as something that is a good fit for a family member or friend, well, it can go live with them (assuming they want it!).

Which means that my resolution for this month and this year is simply to make. To give myself time each week to dabble in whatever it is I want to do with the supplies I already have on hand. I’m not even going to set a time goal as I think I’ll focus more on that than on the process, and the process is what I crave. So here’s to 2017, the year of making.

Apparently Christmas is the Only Time I Craft…


I scrapped my previous plan for Bri’s quilt. Ultimately I didn’t feel like it really captured her, you know? I wanted something brighter, a little more contemporary and geometric. I happened upon the Basic Mixology line by Zen Chic and grabbed a charm pack. I love these colors and the simple yet striking patterns. As you can see, I’m going to a simple HST quilt; once I get these blocks sewn together I’m going to add a wide-ish border and quilt it pretty simply.

This is going to be my One Monthly Goal project for December, although more accurately it could be called my One Weekly Goal as I’m leaving for PA when my finals are over this week. Nothing like a strict deadline to light a fire under me! I have a few other projects I’d like to complete this month, as well, but for now this is the major priority.

Getting On With It

In a somewhat unprecedented move, I’ve actually already started fooling around with one of the projects I found in my great clean out yesterday. This is one of the Punctuation charm packs, laid out to very approximately mimic the Building Blocks pattern that I’ve selected.

punctuation baby quilt 1

I don’t know if I will use that pattern exactly, as the charm pack had a TON of thin stripes in each color way and they look repetitive when laid out right next to one another. The extra blocks that are stacked outside of the boxes I am thinking of sewing up into hour glass blocks and using as cornerstones for an outer border. We shall see. It might be a bit before I get a chance to actually sew this up; my space is still in a bit of a whirlwind from my “tidying” the other day.

punctuation baby quilt 2

This image is the final — a bit more balance and flow in the colors around the quilt. Isn’t it funny how just one block can look out of place, but when you go to correct it, you end up having to move quite a few blocks just to get that one spot right!?

I am linking up today with Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday — I’m kind of excited — it’s my first time actually having a real design wall! :)