Could It Be???

nautical quilt back

Yes! I’ve finally made progress on that nautical baby quilt! In the necessity it the mother of invention category, you can see that I ran out of blue flannel and so had to sub in some scraps in two (you can’t see the other one, but it’s there) corners of the quilt back. I’m not sure how much, if any, of this fabric will end up in the actual quilt, but I kind of like the unexpected pop. And it’s actually leftover flannel that I used to back my oldest nephew’s quilt, so if I end up giving this one to his brother, they will have a little something in common.

basting nautical quilt

I managed to get the whole thing basted, too, and plan to start quilting today. So that’s pretty exciting. I did end up having to run to Walmart — well, I was running there for an unrelated pet emergency and while I was there… — and pick up more basting pins. I think I might be basting a bit too close together but I don’t know.

Before I start quilting, though, I need to spend some time figuring out how the walking foot on my new machine works and just get a feel for what quilting is like on that machine.

It feels really good to have time to work on these projects without feeling like I’m taking away from a thousand other things that urgently need to be completed. I have loved this second round of grad school but am REALLY looking forward to it’s end in a few months. The summer schedule is much lighter than spring and fall and I can already tell how much I appreciate having just one less thing on my plate.



Q2 FAL Goals

I'm in! 2018 FAL

I’m a big fan of the adage, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. No surprise, right? I’m constantly setting goals and then only meeting them partially or making them so wildly unrealistic that they just don’t happen at all. But. Eventually things do happen, so I’m going to just keep plugging away, setting goals and working towards them at whatever pace I manage. Having said that, my goals for this quarter of the 2018 Finish-A-Long are remarkably similar to last quarter. Although I have made some progresss — I still need to finish everything on that previous list, but I did get a little further along on those goals. I also added a couple of things to the list, just because! :) There’s no penalty for not finishing so why not include everything that seems like it could be a “maybe” right now?

  • Back, sandwich, quilt and bind the nautical baby quilt. Decide: will it go to my nephew after all or be donated?

Nautical 5 by 5

  • Bri’s Quilt: needs borders, a back, sandwiched, quilted and bound. Then sent to my niece.


  • Wool & Wax Tote — cut, piece, use. I have waxed canvas for this as well, but it’s a big tarp that isn’t easily photographed right now.

wool and wax tote

  • Lined Drawstring Bags — make four more to bring total number of bags to 7.

drawstring bag 2

  • Fat Quarter Friday — I saw this recent Cluck Cluck Sew pattern and knew it would be a great way to use up some of my stash. This quarter I want to make the Squares version using some of my Katie Jump Rope (the original!) fabric.

fat quarter friday

  • Bring the Basics Wallet — I got a new cell phone and while I do have to schlep a huge bag with me to a lot of places, I really prefer to be able to contain my things to a small clutch whenever possible. This wallet pattern looks like it fits the bill (lol).

bring all the things bag

Six items! As ever, what progress I do make will make me happy. But I’d sure like to get a few of these items done! Linking up with the 2018 Finish-A-Long here!

April OMG + Short List

Nautical 5 by 5

My OMG for April is the same as it was for February — get this quilt backed, sandwiched and quilted. April is kind of an intense month (finals and final projects), so I will be happy if I get the back pieced and the quilt sandwiched, but I’m adding in a stretch goal because I know that once it’s sandwiched I’ll probably want to just keep going!

I’m also adding a short list of other projects I want/need to work on this month:

  • Continue getting to know my new sewing machine.
  • Work on the Layer Cake Nine Patch I started last summer/fall.
  • Finish the top to Bri’s quilt.
  • Make something just for fun, and just because I want to!

OMG 2018 Blog logo Apr

I’m linking up to Elm Street Quilts and plan to make my 2nd quarter of goal setting more successful than the first!




First Quarter Review


Uh, the short version is basically that once February hit I got mired in school work and my sewing mojo pretty much vanished. The slightly longer version includes the fact that my sewing machine moved from being quaintly archaic to painfully frustrating to use. It’s always been really loud but suddenly seemed loud enough to be heard on the street. And there always been a sense that it was grinding through the work — in the way that older all metal machines do (or at least, all those I’ve sewn on) — but now it seemed like the grind was no longer business as usual but something a bit more laborious.

Probably it was time to take it into the shop for a tune-up, but…I’d also been contemplating a new machine for a while. My primary concern was that I’d unload $$$ on a machine and then never use it. With my husband’s encouragement, I overcame that hurdle and spent a lot of March looking online at machine reviews and trying out the different machines that friends own or that were available in local stores. I knew that I wanted a decent amount of space between the needle and the harp so that quilting would be easier, especially for the larger quilts I want to make. I was looking for something quiet as the “let’s pretend I work in a 19th century factory” noise level was definitely not cool. And while I’m not interested in thousands of stitch options, I did want more than just a straight stitch. And I still wanted to stay toward the lower-end of the budget.

New Sewing Machine March 2018
New Machine!

In the end I purchased a Brother Innov-ís, the entry level model, from a local dealer. I really wanted to patronize a local store and I also wanted some hands-on experience before buying. I honestly thought I was just going to test the machine out on the day I went in, but I was so pleased with the machine and the price that I went ahead and brought the machine home that day (really just this past weekend!). I spent the weekend playing around and I’m still a bit intimidated by all the decorative stitches and haven’t done much more than scrape the surface of what I can do with the machine, I am sure, but I have been enjoying sewing in a way that I wasn’t able to the last couple of times I sat down with my old machine and that is worth it for sure! Also it’s quiet enough that I can use the machine in the early mornings before Michael wakes up (really, I can’t emphasize how LOUD my old machine was).

I don’t have any illusions that this machine will suddenly turn me into a remarkably accurate piecer or creative quilter, but I do feel like I can narrow down where my problems are a bit more easily since I’m not also trouble-shooting the machine at the same time. I do intend to have my old machine serviced and keep it as back-up — for all my complaints it’s really been a work-horse and since I’ve never actually had the machine serviced before I can’t really complain about its performance!

February One Monthly Goal

Nautical 5 by 5

Although I didn’t complete my January One Monthly Goal in time, I’m linking up again this month. I find the targeted sewing goal helpful, even if I don’t fully achieve it. In January I managed to make a few drawstring bags and also finished a number of unexpected UFO finds that were squirreled away. I’m still plugging away at the bags, too.

For February, I’d like to concentrate on moving this quilt top into a finished quilt. I’ve selected the backing fabrics and should be able to get the whole thing done in a weekend. The big question is setting aside enough time to get it done! I’m linking up at Elm Street Quilts with a few hours to spare.

Back for a Baby Quilt

nautical baby quilt back 1

So. Here is a pretty awful photo of what I’m planning for the back of the nautical baby quilt. I think design wall pictures can be hard to capture anyway and the fact that we are in the process of moving my husband’s work desk into this space made it all that more difficult. Also, my phone (which is probably not what I should be using for photos, but, well, it’s what I’ve got right now) tends to render any indoor shots in a terrible yellowy cast. I messed around with the saturation, color and brightness on this picture just to get it to this point. This next photo shows much more accurate color, but I wasn’t able to get the whole wall in the photo by being so close.

close up nautical baby quilt back

As you can see, I am using the blue to add size to a small square of seersucker I had in my stash. The seersucker seemed appropriate for this quilt given the navy blue anchors running in stripes down the length. The blue is a flannel. You can see the quilt top peeking out behind the seersucker, since I kept it on the design wall to help me know how large my blue borders needed to be.

And at the very top, behind both of these items, is Bri’s quilt. It’s my next quilting project, I think, regardless of what number is pulled for the UFO lottos I’m following. My parents are visiting soon and I want them to take these quilts with them to hand out to my niece and nephew.

I am linking up to Design Wall Monday hosted by Small Quilts and Doll Quilts. It is neat to see what everyone is working on.

Sunday Stash: January 28, 2018


I was really excited to finish the refashion on the nautical baby quilt top, but when I added up the yardage I was reminded of why baby quilts are usually such quick projects — they just don’t take that much fabric! According to my calculations, the top used up 1.48 yds. More will certainly be used when I finish the backing, but I didn’t manage it this week, so it doesn’t count.

I also have been steadily going through my craft (mostly fabric with the occasional surprise) supplies and culled about an additional half yard that went straight into the trash — all fabric pieces that were ridicously small or had other problems and just needed to be gone. For example I dismantled a bag I really screwed up and salvaged what I could but a lot of that just went into the trash. I didn’t measure or weigh this fabric, but I would say that a half yard is a pretty reasonable estimate. Which means, rounding up, that I can add 2 more yards to the “used” column in my tracking spreadsheet. Hooray!

Of course, I did fall prey to the fantastic sales at Craftsy’s this weekend, but since that fabric won’t arrive until next month…I’m not counting it until it passes through the door!


Stash Report:

  • Used this week: 2 yards
  • Used YTD: 4.56 yards
  • Added this week: 0 yards
  • Added YTD: 24.75 yards
  • Net Used Yards (Used YTD – Added YTD): –20.19 yards